Tissue culture is taking a tiny piece of a plant and multiplying it. I don’t know if you know anything about plant cloning or propagation but a simple way to explain is if you take a branch of a tomato plant and cut it off and bury most of it, then it will become a whole new plant identical to the tomato plant you cut it off of. This is great if you have a plant that does really well and want more of that same plant. And you can produce a good number of plants this way, but if you want say, 1,000 plants identical to that one tomato plant it would be more difficult.

This is where tissue culture or also known as micro-propagation comes in. This is were you can take a piece of a stem of the plant and clean it and put it in a jar with media (media is the mixture of chemicals to make the piece of tissue grow) and within weeks you may have 30 or more new plants, then you can take those 30 or so plants and do it again and you get 30 x 30 = 900 plants! That is in the matter of weeks to a couple months!!! This gets exciting, with tissue culture you can take 1 plant and with 1 year’s time have over 500,000,000,000 plants!!!! Basically one plant can be multiplied to infinity!!!

And the cost of everything is mostly just labor and learning. I figure if you reuse your jars you it costs you at most a nickel a plant!!! That is less than most seeds cost and these will be as true to variety as can be, an exact clone of a really vigorous strong plant!!! I don’t know if it is just me but this is exciting. Whether just from the plant lover’s side or the financial possibility that brings up; imagine growing banana plants for a few pennies and selling them for 10-20 dollars each. Or go on quantity and sell wholesale at a few dollars each!

This is why I finally got the book I need to get started; instead of paying thousands out to buy plants and not make much of anything to resell them I could charge less for the plants and make even more money myself. Sorry if I sound greedy, but I just want to earn a good living doing what I enjoy and making unaffordable plants affordable for every day people.